Websites for Small Business Northern Ireland

At Raya, we have designed a programme specfically for small businesses and sole traders, one that will help you showcase your services and provide up-to-the-minute news on your website.

During this uncertain period, many businesses are working hard to keep their clients and customers informed so they can hit the ground running whenever the local economy opens up again.

Our Raya NI Website Support Programme was designed to help get your business online at low cost and in a way that is accessible to customers on desktop, mobile and tablet. 

We build responsive websites in under two weeks and take care of maintenance so that you can spend your business hours working with customers.

If you would like a new website built under our programme, please apply below.

Is my business eligible for this offer?

Yes, as a small NI business you are automatically eligible for this offer.

When will my site go live?

We aim to have your website live within 10-14 days of your agreed start date. This depends on all relevant content being received.

What is the design cost?

Your website will cost just £295 (+VAT if applicable) to design, with a monthly fee for backups, security updates, customer support and content updates.

What is the monthly service cost?

The monthly direct debit cost will depend on the mandate you select. A three year mandate will cost just £26 (+VAT if applicable) per month, while a two year mandate costs just £29 (+VAT if applicable). This covers content changes you would like to make in that time as well as daily software and security updates.

Can I share this offer?

You certainly can, and if the company you shared it with signs up, we’ll add a £30 credit to your Raya account.


We will email you first with information on how we will build your website.

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