Should your company automate your email marketing?

E-mail marketing is a vital tool for promoting your services and products and for keeping your customers up to date with important changes in your business, but finding the time to create that important campaign is the most common spoiler.

At Raya Design Belfast we work with four different e-mail marketing providers, not including our own in-house platform including Mailchimp, Con. Most of these offer email automation, meaning that when news or new products are published to a website, the content from your website’s RSS feed is pushed out to subscribers and customers.

All good, job done, huh?

Well, yes and no – this is all down to your business area. We have found that automated informational emails are helpful to customers and to you when it comes to the breadcrumb for future customer support issues, but these emails are not always the most successful for boosting sales.

Your newsletter content should always have a unique message and a personal touch, as well as the service, sale or product information you want your customers to know about.

A quick rundown.

  • Automated emails save time and are essential for sending out segments of important news.
  • Sale and product emails should be personal and engaging with unique content along with automated content – the perfect mix.
  • Aftersales emails should be automated based on a customer’s past actions on your website with personalization inviting the customer to make a further action on your website, such as leave a review or enter a discount code.

Over the last 15 years, we have been incorporating email marketing into every aspect of our clients’ websites in a way that is fully GDPR compliant and engaging. Whether your service is with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, phpList or Mautic (we use this!), Raya has all the expertise to help you find that balance.

If you would like to ask any questions, please leave a comment or get in touch – we enjoy a discussion!

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