Working from home – communication and task management tools.

There are numerous innovations accessible presently to guarantee that we can stay in contact with our clients. With COVID-19 influencing small businesses and consumers alike, these applications have become the ‘new normal’ in keeping all stakeholders in the loop.

We have shared three of the tools that we use regularly to keep us and our customers happy and engaged – we hope you find them useful.


We’ll start off with an obvious one! For 14 of the last 15 years, our preferred app for touching base with customers in the UK, Ireland and the United States was Skype. Over time, we found Skype laborious. It had little of the features we needed to streamline remote meetings and zapped unneccesary hard drive resources. Then, along came Zoom!

This lightweight and powerful conferencing tool allows you to speak with customers and other stakeholders as well as share screens, use a whiteboard for annotation and record important meetings for minute-taking.

If you’re not on Zoom yet, you can download it free at


At Raya, we manage our transactions, tax and VAT with Xero for easy accounting.

They say there’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes. With Xero, you can ensure the later doesn’t feel like the former! At Raya Design, we have been using Xero for a few months. Xero can connect to your business bank account (we’re Starling Bank users) and sync incoming and outgoing payments.

In just a few steps, you can complete your VAT returns and create future forecasts for your business. Xero has a free plan as well as a number of great, low-cost paid plans. Find out more at


Todoist – keep your tasks organised across all devices.

Working from home is never easy, especially when you are so close to the kettle. Staying productive always needs a robust list, and knowing what has to be done (and striking it off the list) will take the stress out of a day at the home office.

Todoist is available for Windows, Mac and your phone so you can take your tasks with you anywhere. We use the application to sort tasks into Projects or categories to keep us on target and for a handy reminder of little tasks at the end of the day before logging out.

You can find out more about Todoist here:

If you have any tools you use, please share them with us by leaving a comment or contacting us directly – we are always looking out for pointers!

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